The 13 Foundation Techniques of Mushin no Shin Aikijujutsu Do

Inside the art of Mushin no Shin Aikijujutsu Do, lays the foundation of 13 separate techniques that are comprised of Nage Waza (throws), Osae Waza (controlling and pinning) and Torae Waza (arresting). These distinctive measures when put together provide the practitioner with a complete arsenal of martial skills to effectively preserve his/her existence from a violent adversary.

The 13 base techniques are:


(1) Ippondori (2) Karumadadoshi (3) Gyakudadori (4) Koshiguruma

 (5) Irriminage (6) Uraotoshi (7) Obiotoshi  (8) Kotogaeshi (9) Shihonage 

(10) Toniotoshi (11) Hizanage (12) Koshinage (13) Tenshinage 

In addition to the base techniques, in the second and third catalog (Nikkajo and Sankajo) are a list of advanced system requirements (to include ground work, weapons employment and defensive postures from a kneeling and seated position) that have been developed to add lethality to the capabilities of the practitioner. Aikijujutsu practitioners gain the practical experience with specific weapons training (Sai, Jo and Katana) as part of the system requirements. Mushin no Shin also trains separately the system of the Japanese sword for those that simply desire to learn the sole art of the sword.