Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy

Developing the mind, body and spirit of the practitioner

Located in the beautiful country setting of Lithia, Florida. We are the only school in the area that has the experience and lineage to fully equip our students with complete martial arts and personal wellness programs.

Mushin no Shin Aikijujutsu

The System taught to the Samurai for unarmed fighting to defeat both armed and unarmed opponents.

Tai Chi

Challenging to master, yet enjoyable to practice for beginner and expert alike, Tai Chi Chuan is at once an adventure to be explored and a creative reflection of one's inner strength.

After School

Fully licensed and insured after-school program. Transportation from school available.

A Spook-tacular Training Session on Halloween

This past Halloween everyone dressed in their favorite costume and safely trained on the mat with Sensei Rock. We even had a couple of Samurai in attendance.

Instructor Training and Certification Course

On February 24, 2017, the Fishhawk Martials Arts Academy held an Instructor training course for a select group of advanced practitioners. Shihan Jones and Sensei Rock prepared an in-depth presentation focusing on many different facets of both teaching and learning. A trained and committed teacher ensures successful students. The focus of this course was to […]

Congratulations Shihan

On February 18th, 2017 during the 38th annual Professional Association of Martial Arts Instructors seminar, O’Sensei Roensch (10th degree black belt and founder of American Budokai International) promoted Shihan Jones to the 7th degree black belt. (Sichidan). At the February 24th promotion ceremony – Shihan was presented with his new belt.  

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Developing the Mind, Body and Spirit of the practitioner.

More than just a dojo - we're family.

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