The Title of Sensei

I am often asked about the title of Sensei and how is it to be used.  First of all the most common “transliteration” from the Japanese for this word is: teacher. But in real life it is much more than that. As with most words or expressions from the East, the Western vocabulary tries to […]

Origin of Mushin no Shin Aikijujutsu Do

Mushin no Shin (Mind of no mind) AikiJujutsu Do is a very profound, comprehensive martial art that has been influenced by several traditional Japanese systems. It is Aiki Jujutsu, a system of unarmed fighting and minor weapons techniques, to defeat both armed and unarmed opponents utilizing the ancient principles of Aiki. It is a gendai […]

The 13 Foundation Techniques of Mushin no Shin Aikijujutsu Do

Inside the art of Mushin no Shin Aikijujutsu Do, lays the foundation of 13 separate techniques that are comprised of Nage Waza (throws), Osae Waza (controlling and pinning) and Torae Waza (arresting). These distinctive measures when put together provide the practitioner with a complete arsenal of martial skills to effectively preserve his/her existence from a […]