Kick Box Fusion

Kick Box Fusion© is a comprehensive approach to fitness designed specifically for women to address all major fitness components. Kick Box Fusion© uses the techniques of kicking, punching, and elbow strikes used in kickboxing merged with static balance, isometric strength, dynamic motion, cardiorespiratory intensity, and flexibility to create a synergist approach to high-intensity training and functional fitness.

Through Kick Box Fusion©, the participants develop and enhance their body composition and metabolic rate becoming healthy, balanced, and more functionally fit.

Jack has always possessed a penchant for physical fitness and healthy living. As a young man, he admired and respected those who changed the understanding of what was once believed possible. He attempted to emulate those who worked diligently at honing their skills and extending the boundaries of human potential.

Jack served for 23 years in the United States Army as an infantry soldier, holding many leadership positions throughout the U.S. and abroad. He was selected to attend the Army’s Master of Fitness Trainer (MFT) course in 1993. Jack excelled in the MFT course, graduating in the top 1 percent of the class in academics and fitness. As an MFT, he developed and implemented unit level fitness programs and special population programs for overweight, deconditioned, and rehabilitating soldiers.

Subsequently, Jack used the knowledge gained from the MFT course to acquire his first certification as a personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 1997. He has worked as a personal trainer for many prestigious clubs and facilities in Georgia, Virginia, and Florida. Additionally, he recently certified as a Sports Conditioning Specialist (SCS) through ACE.

He is currently the owner/operator of Dynamic Body Kinections - “Putting Health in Motion”.

Jack describes his passion for fitness and health instruction through the lens of clients who he has helped to rehabilitate, lose weight, and/or develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle.