Soto Zen Meditation

Japanese Meditation (Soto Zen) brings the spirit of the mind to a state of relaxation and inner peace. Meditation practice provides a genuine and accessible way to transform the lives of those who engage it. The meditation program at FHMAA provides the student an opportunity to experience this dynamic 2,500-year-old tradition in a distinctly Western context. Soto Zen takes a spiritual and not religious approach to training. It is a journey about the self and the environment that the self exists in. Meditation training centers the being and dilutes the effects of day to day stress. At Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy, we strive to bridge the insights of traditional Zen with the challenges of modern life. This training is a personal training experience with Shihan Jones.

The meditation group meets every Wednesday from 8:10 pm - until closing. Comfortable clothes are recommended. At first, we will provide you with a zabuton and zafu (meditation pillows) but it will be expected for you to purchase your own as meditation should also be practiced at home.

Currently, we are offering FREE meditation to all combat military veterans that have been diagnosed with PTSD or anxiety. 

Please note - meditation sessions are not guided. The true focus is on breathing and "just sitting".