Integrated Women's Self-Defense

The INTEGRATED WOMEN’S SELF-DEFENSE COURSE (IWSC), includes instruction on critical thinking regarding defensive strategies, assertiveness, powerful communication skills, and easy to remember combative techniques.

Don't be another victim!

  • In 2005, victims age 12 or older experienced 191,670 rapes/sexual assaults.
  • 92% of rape or sexual assault victims in 2005 were female.
  • Crime-statistics indicate that of female rape or sexual assault victims, 73% were assaulted by someone they knew and 26% were assaulted by a stranger. 38% of women assaulted by a known offender were friends or acquaintances of the victim.

Most women’s self-defense classes are designed around teaching physical techniques only. The IWSC is conducted in the actual attack environment as a guide and not the sensationalism of media hype to strike fear into the defender’s mind. The IWSC is taught by internationally certified martial arts instructors who are former U.S. Special Operations and Law Enforcement Officers.

This course is for adult and adolescent females only and is specialized in its approach to the true nature of women’s self-defense.

Each student will learn how to use the Kubotan as a self-defense weapon and keep it at the end of the class.

Cost - $50 per person for Session 1 only - $105 per person for all three sessions (6 hours self-defense training).

The first session will focus on security awareness, two basic self-defense techniques and how to use the kubotan properly. Sessions two and three will take a more in-depth look at self-defense for women.