Fishhawk Martial Arts is a “Traditional” Japanese Dojo where students not only learn the strategy involved in self defense but also a “Samurai Art” which has evolved over 1,000 years.

What does this really mean?
There are no “participation trophies.” If a student advances in rank or receives an Academic Achiever Patch for excellence in the classroom it is all earned. This is what brought our family to this dojo.

The staff at FHMAA are people with Good Character who have a genuine concern for each student and want to bring out their best! It also helps that many have past Military experience. Shihan Jones & Sensei Rock are retired Colonels from the Army Special Forces with many years of Martial Arts experience.

Our son Kristopher has been a student at the school for over 4yrs and he has truly thrived. We are proud of him in so many ways and believe that his Martial Arts training has contributed to his positive development.

Our Family is honored to be a part of the Fishhawk Martial Arts Dojo!

John G., Parent / Student

If you are considering a martial arts school for your child, look no further than the FishHawk Martial Arts Academy.  The team of professionals that manage this organization are top-notch.  They adhere to a traditional Japanese philosophy that balances self-discipline, nurturing and physical determination.  Our son Brody has been attending the Academy for 2.5 Years now and his Self Esteem and Confidence have never been better.  He was warmly welcomed into the FHMAA Family from day one and continues to be an integral member of the dojo.  To put it succinctly, I relish the look on my son’s face EVERY time he comes home from training.

Gregory S., Parent

The FishHawk Martial Arts Academy has been one of the greatest gifts that we have received since moving down from New York to Florida. My boys had attended a Tae Kwon Do studio up North and it seemed the staff and owners were more concerned about giving out belts to appease parents rather than teaching the necessary skills. I referred to studios like that as belt factories.

FHMAA is sets itself apart from the other dojos in the area by stressing the importance of the art and tradition of Aiki jujutsu; which includes not only learning moves necessary to defend oneself, but also respect and honor. Their focus on academic achievement is also very important to me as a parent.

As a former school teacher, I am quite familiar with teaching students of all ages. as well as classroom management.  I was very surprised when I learned that Sensei Rock had no formal teaching training as he conducts himself as if he were a seasoned educator. He truly is a natural.  He knows how to relate to the children in such a way that makes learning not only exciting but fun. I couldn't speak any more highly of Sensei Rock and the rest of the FHMAA staff.

I have watched my sons grow from showing very little interest in anything that wasn't digital to expanding into future Samurais. We have even set up a home gym for them to practice, which they take advantage of as much as possible. 

It's amazing how the dojo is more than just a martial arts studio - it truly feels like a family. Thanks again FHMAA for all you're doing for my children. 

Jeremy B., Parent

FHMAA has taught me self-defense,; when to use it and discipline. I have made some really great friends that now help me through everyday life. The dojo is very special to me because it teaches me to defend myself in a bad situation. Sensei Rock and Shihan have both helped me through some tough times and how to deal with bullies. One other thing I have learned, this dojo also does not just give out belts to those that don’t deserve them  but to people who actually earn them.

Through Mu Shin No Shin Aikijujutsi Do my confidence and self-esteem has gone up so much from when I first started. It made moving from NY to Florida easier from all the friendship and kindness. This dojo is like my second family.

Shayne B., Student

I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses; being a local business owner myself. I needed an after-school program for my daughter and a few people had mentioned looking into Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy. I was a little skeptical at first - this is my little girl after all. Well we gave it a shot and it has been the greatest decision we ever made.

Besides loving the after-school program, we also have her signed up for martial arts classes. She is learning to defend and protect herself and in this day and age it is comforting to know she has these skills. She has made a lot of friends and really looks for forward to attending class. The staff are wonderful - you would think they were all retired teachers rather than retired military. I couldn't say enough about Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy.

Darlene C., Parent

Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy has been a part of Tyler’s life since 2013. He started studying martial arts at an alternate location however he just was not happy there. We investigated Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy and from day 1 we noticed a huge difference, Tyler was excited to go to his classes and was excited about learning Mushin no Shin Aikijujutsu Do.

Our experience with Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy has been a positive one for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is we have noticed a change in Tyler. He has become more confident and outgoing as well as more focused. He applies the principles he has been taught to his daily life. We have seen him look up to the instructors and advanced students and want to emulate their behavior. As he has advanced, he also feels that he has a responsibility to the younger students and those who may be a junior student. He has a desire to help them learn and looks forward to helping the instructors teach the little samurai classes.

He has learned excellent skills at Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy and how to defend himself if needed but also when to apply these skills and more importantly when not to. We feel the staff at Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy really goes beyond teaching simple techniques but delve deeper into the history and art form itself. They lay a foundation of skills and then build upon that foundation. The staff there really do make a difference and work hard to help each student improve and become the best they can be in their study of martial arts but also as a person. We honestly know that each and every instructor cares about Tyler.

We feel very fortunate we found Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy for Tyler and highly recommend it. If you are looking for a martial arts academy that is all about the color of your belt and competitions, Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy would not be the right fit for you. But if you are looking for a martial arts academy that will help you or your child learn, help them become a better person and really learn the intricacies of a martial art rich with history and traditions, then Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy is the perfect place for you and your family.

Fred E., Parent

From the very first conversation with Shihan James Jones I knew this is where I wanted my son to train for Martial Arts. Shihan Jones and his staff of Sensei black belts are highly decorated retired military personnel. They bring a high level of commitment to the success of each and every student not only from Martial Arts training but personal enrichment, focus, and discipline. This investment has been a good fit for my son and it compliments my parenting style. I couldn't be happier with the positive pathway in which he is headed.

Shawn L., Parent

My son has been attending class at FHMAA for about 6 months now, and he really enjoys classes. He likes the variety - sometimes it will be an in-depth look at one or two specific moves, and other times it is a review of what they've learned in the past.

I like the teaching style of the instructors. It's obvious they really have the kids' best interests in mind, and they know how to keep the students on task if needed. I also like that the school is not a "belt mill" - students don't advance in rank just by showing up for a specific number of classes; they have to know the skills being tested and pass the advancement test.

Steve T., Parent