About the Academy

Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy (FHMAA) is operated in the beautiful setting of Lithia Florida and services the Lithia/Pinecrest, Riverview, Valrico, Tampa and Ruskin areas. Centrally located, this martial arts academy is a premier choice for busy families in search of martial arts, self-defense, personal wellness and quality after school training that focuses on traditional martial arts with an everyday application.

FHMAA offers the following:


 The Mon or "Dojo Patch" is a symbol of FHMAA's connection with the traditional martial aspects of the art and with the Bushido code.

The external ring represents the eternal human connection between life and death and the admittance of our own mortality. The interior flower image signifies the cherry blossom (the symbol of the samurai). The cherry blossom symbolizes the complete path of life: birth, growth into great beauty, and ultimately death. It is a reminder that our life will not last forever and that we must accept life as a precious and fleeting gift. The Shell represents Faith: Faith in ones own spiritual beliefs; faith in ones country; faith in ones community;faith in ones relations; and faith in self. The Kanji writting is "Mushin no Shin" or Mind of no Mind, meaning action without conscience thought. The Yin and Yang represent the existence of universal opposites and are a part of the same whole; in the way that light would be meaningless without darkness. Finally, the red ring around the Yin and Yang represents virtue, honor and courage.


Our Team

With over 6 decades of combined experience, the FHMAA contains a core staff of focused and combat proven instructors that are able to prepare students of all ages for all levels of self defense.

Proud Member ~American Budokai Interational (ABI)

FHMAA is proudly affiliated with our parent organization American Budokai International (ABI), due to the ethos and charter of the organization. ABI is our certifying body that ensures instruction, curriculum and facilities meet the highest standards of maintaining a traditional martial art.

American Budokai International is a prestigious organization for various traditional martial arts. ABI's mission is to maintain the standards of traditional martial arts and provide training of the highest caliber to affiliate instructors and practitioners. It was established by O'Sensei Steven Roensch.